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The program makes it possible to play chess (including taking part in tournaments), communicate in chat and forum of the Playing Zone, analyze the games, listen to the lections, create teams, take part in the quizes and many more.

Open   Windows and smartphone versions

Chess courses

The theoretical material is presented in the modern design of the interactive book. Every course is compiled by a grandmaster and an experienced coach and includes interesting positions and unusual solutions both for the standard situations and for the rare occasions.

Course Difficulty
Chess Opening, Closed Games (1.d4 d5) Intermediate,Advanced
Chess Opening, Open Games (1.e4 e5) Intermediate,Advanced
Chess Opening, other openings Intermediate,Advanced
Chess Opening, Semi-Closed Games (1.d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6) Intermediate,Advanced
Chess Opening, Semi-Closed Games (1.d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6) Intermediate,Advanced
Chess Opening, Semi-Open Games (1.e4) Intermediate,Advanced
Chess Opening, Sicilian Defense (1.e4 c5) Intermediate,Advanced
Complete Chess Course Beginners,Club player
Complete Chess Course (Demo) Beginners,Club player
CT-ART. Mating Combinations Club Players, Intermediate Players
From Beginner To Club Player Club players
Theory and Practice of Chess Endings Club Players, Intermediate Players

Chess puzzles

Solve the puzzles, raise your rating and follow its changes in the Personal Room. All our puzzles are checked by the chess program to find the best of them.

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Latest news

The ChessPlanet client for Android is published

12/22/2011 4:38 PM


The program is designed to play chess on the ChessPlanet server. The beta-version enables playing chess, taking part in the tournaments (including team tournaments), comunicate in chat etc. All games are saved to the local base and can be viewed. The application can be installed on Android 2.2 devices and newer, supports English and Russian.

Download from Android Market